What are the Best Juicers for Leafy Vegetables?

The benefit of leafy vegetable has been realized by high cholesterol individuals-like me- who have had great health improvement by taking juice from leafy green on a regular basis. Leafy greens are nutritionally denser hence contributes greatly to daily juicing. This makes vegetable juicers important in our daily life even though not a single juicer can be used for all the leafy greens.

Without further add, let`s look at the top 5 best vegetable juicers for leafy greens.

The Omega NC800frst

Omega NC800 leafy green juicer tops the list due to the slow spin that enables it to masticate the light leafy greens producing maximum nutrients. This makes it extracts 12% more juice from the leafy green than the previous models.

The following are some of its important features:

  • It has an oval chute measuring 2″ by 1.5″ that reduces the amount of precutting which is a significant improvement because the previous models had smaller chute measurements that required several chopping.
  • 80 rpm: as it was earlier indicated, leafy greens require juicer that spins at a slow speed to prevent oxidation. A spin speed of 80 rpm is very much appropriate for juicing your preferred vegetable.
  • Dual mastication: This makes it masticate the lightweight vegetable for optimum juice extraction.
  • It also has adjustable end cap which also contributes to the maximum extraction of juice.
  • In case you need to prepare healthy food or baby food, nut butter, soy and almond milk then the versatile blank plate will give the required space.

Despite the benefits, it is very expensive and at the same produce pulp juice.


Samson9005Samson 9005 occupies this special position due to its ability to get most out of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll-70%- making it very effective in blood development hence an important part of the daily diet. Samson 9005 can also be used for other leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits as well.

Specific features at a glance:

  •  It has one gear motor of about 160 watts that spins at 80 rpm hence very efficient for lightweight vegetables.
  •  It also has a versatile blank plate that enables to prepare other food.
  •  It is free of chemicals such as BPA.
  •  1.5″ chute reduces the amount of precutting
  •  It has a 15-year warranty.


  •  It extracts pulp juice
  •  It is not appropriate for soft fruits. And For the leafy greens lovers, here is the deal.

Tribest SS-9002


Since most of the people do not like to consume a lot of vegetables regularly, Tribest Solo start 9002 allows you to incorporate plenty of leafy greens into your diet by simply juicing.


  •  It has the horizontal auger that is suitable for juicing leafy greens.
  •  It has an auger spins of 80 rpm that is supported by 160 watts motor hence prevents any oxidation while juicing
  •  5-year warranty
  •  It has a container and a pulp that is generally enough.
  •  It has 110v hence very good for North Americans.
  •  It is also very appropriate for wheatgrass and several other leafy greens.


  •  It takes some time to make juice hence needs a bit of patience
  •  It has chemicals such as BPA that are mostly not human-friendly
  •  It requires quite a lot of precutting due to its small chute.

And… For the lover of leafy greens like spinach, kale, and arugula.

Omega J8006 nutrition center leafy green juicer

This allows you to obtain more juice from kales, spinach, and arugula hence perfect for leafy greens lovers. Additionally, it produces more juice with lesser foam.


  •  1,5″round feed chute that makes it appropriate for leafy greens.
  •  It uses an auger that squeezes the leafy green against a mesh while leaving the pulp to move to the tapered cylindrical screen which squeezes the pulp further to extract more juice. Important to note is that this 2 step ensures optimum extract of the juice from the leafy green
  • The Ultem auger is much stronger than any other plastics hence makes it more durable.
  •  The 80 rpm spin prevents any oxidation of the juice
  •  The extracted can be stored for up to 72 hours.
  •  Its masticating system is much slower for efficient extraction of juice from leafy greens
  •  It has a 150 motor watt which also contributes to the slow spin of the auger.
  •  It is easy to maintain and clean Additionally, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 vegetable juicer

It uses a twin gear to extract juice that is of high quality and yield. It is a 3 stage juicer which generally leads to more nutrients and yield.


  •  It has a bio-ceramic and magnetic twin gears that work in synergy to produce more juice.
  •  The magnetic twin gears rotate at 110 rpm which means less oxidation and better tasting juice.
  •  It has a motor of 190 watts.
  •  It has larger chute feeder which means no pre-cutting required
  •  It comes with a 12 years warranty.


  • Very expensive
  • Much more difficult to clean
  • Produce a lot of foam.
  • The white finishing makes it prone to stain