Best Coffee Maker Buying Guide

At the moment, the opportunity to get a decent espresso from the coffee maker at home has become commonplace. But the topic of choosing this “espresso device” itself remains relevant, as the choice of coffee equipment for the house is huge and it’s not easy for an ordinary person ignorant of the topic of espresso. Let’s try to understand the great variety of espresso coffee makers.

Types of coffee makers and coffee machines

Quality of the prepared coffee directly depends on type of the coffee maker. Therefore, it is on this point should pay attention in the first place.

Espresso coffee maker is today the most popular type of device. This type of coffee makers can also be divided into two subspecies: steam (Stream Espresso) and pump (Pump Espresso).

The espresso coffee machine works on the basis of water vapor (steam) or strongly heated water (pump action), which are pressed through coffee through pressure.

The general principle of operation of an espresso steam coffee maker is as follows: water is poured into a tank, it heats up to about 100 ° C and evaporates, turning into steam, then this steam under pressure of 3-5 bar is forced through the horn filled with coffee and, cooling down, is poured back into the cup as a liquid.

In the pump-type model, the water from the tank is pumped into a special boiler, heated there to 87-90 ° C, and pressed through a pump with a pressure of about 15 bar through the coffee in the horn.

Those. in this case, there is no phase of transition of water into steam, the water is heated to the optimum temperature for coffee, and is forced under high pressure – in sum, the espresso coffee maker gives a richer taste and aroma compared to an espresso steam coffee maker.

How to distinguish two subtypes of coffee makers?

coffeeFirstly, by pressure: the 15 bar mark is a kind of watershed between the two types. Anything less than 15 bars is most likely a steam coffee maker. Anything 15 bars or more is most likely a pump maker.

Secondly, such coffee makers are easy to distinguish in appearance: as a rule, steam models have a large lid with a valve on the water tank (after all, this lid must withstand a pressure of several bar).

At the same time, pump models usually have a simple cover, because all the pressure is created in a separate tank inside the device.

The third difference is that the pump models are more complicated and, accordingly, more expensive.

By the way, a couple more nuances of rozhkovy espresso coffee makers: the compartment in the coffee horn (and better the whole horn) should be metal – it is believed that plastic can add its own, not too pleasant, smells in coffee; Using an espresso machine, you can make a maximum of 1-2 (if there is a double horn) cups of coffee.

But, it should be noted that any espresso coffee maker today is perhaps the best choice in terms of the ratio of taste, aroma of coffee and price of the device itself.

In addition, these coffee makers are quite easy to wash, and the quality of the prepared coffee practically does not change from year to year. In short, a worthy choice.

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Finally, the choice of color is already a personal matter of each customer, and the choice of the manufacturer is the business of the customer’s wallet.

For our part, we hope that we could clarify all the important issues in the difficult task of choosing a decent coffee maker. And most importantly – a delicious, aromatic, invigorating coffee!

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