Vacuum Cleaner For The Elderly

Buyers Guide For Selecting The Best Vacuum Cleaner For The Elderly

Vacuum cleaners are meant to clean the area with ease, but when they began to feel heavy, difficult to handle, and hard to use then they losses their purpose. Lightweight vacuums are found as the modern solution to this older problem. The young generation can use all types and kinds of vacuum cleaners because they are energetic and strong. But, elderly people only like to switch to such products that are easy to use, handle, and operate.

When it comes to choosing the best vacuums for elderly people, it becomes a little tricky. Old people hesitate in using heavyweight, noisy, and big vacuum cleaners. This hesitation is owing to the difficulty they find in carrying, pushing, and taking those large units from room to room.

Factors to Ponder

Cleaning_with_elderlyBefore purchasing any vacuum for the elderly, it is advisable to read a proper guideline and keep some factors in mind. By placing yourself in the old people’s shoes, no matter if they are your parents or uncle and aunt you can easily judge their preferences and can fulfill their expectations.

Given below are some essential factors that you should keep in mind while selecting equipment for the senior:


The very first factor to keep in mind is the weight, heaviness, and mass of the vacuum cleaner. You are going to buy the product for your seniors, so the product’s weight should be according to it. The latest lightweight models are perfectly designed for older people.

Older people can easily push and carry such cleaning units that are light in weight. For instance, some models only weigh about 4 pounds.


The second thing you must keep in mind is the mobility of the item. If vacuuming units are light, but they have issues with pushing and pulling, then it’s not a good option. If you are choosing a model which is best for its suction power, but a little heavy, then try to find one with swivel head.

Vacuuming units with swivel head, wheels, or self-mobility system are far more comfortable for elders than those without these options.

Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners are purchased on the basis of their suction power. Do not forget this factor while purchasing the equipment for elders. Without strong suction power, vacuuming units are useless.


The next thing on which you should try to focus on is the switching system. Go for those units that have handy switches, especially the on and off buttons. Multiple switching systems bother seniors a lot. They do not like fancy and complicated vacuum cleaners that require some new understanding before the operation.

Filtration (HEPA)

Air filtration is a must point to remember. Most of the older people and seniors are allergic to dust. Even if they are not allergic, still dust particles can be problematic for them. HEPA filters can capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. So, this filter is quite good.

Cordless or Corded

Cordless or corded, this option depends upon the seniors. Either they prefer battery units or corded ones that need a power circuit and a long cord.

Cordless vacuuming units operate as long as their batter works, but they can easily reach every corner of the room. On the other hand, corded units can run for as long as the person wants, but it can go to a specific limit away from the power circuit.

Basic Types of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come in two basic types:

  • Cylinder units
  • Upright units

Cylinder vacuuming units are usually small, less expensive and can reach small areas quickly. On the other hand, upright vacuums have a broom-like appearance with a long bar and brush on its bottom. Upright vacs are best for tight places but are a little expensive.

Both these types come with bags and without bags, with air filtration option and other attachments as well. Let’s only talk about the bagless and bagged vacuum units here, as I have already mentioned the importance of air filtration above.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless units are inexpensive and do not have a proper dust storing capacitor. All they have is the FIEPA filter that keeps the direct dirt release in the air. Bagless vacuum cleaners are easy to use, but they are very messy. They are not suitable for an older adult with dust allergies.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged vacuum cleaners are quite expensive in comparison to the bagless ones. But, in terms of hygiene, they are more hygienic and clean to use. The only prominent drawback they hold is the poor suction performance after their bag is filled with dirt.


No doubt, heavy and massive vacs are best with their suction and cleaning properties. But, for older adults, one has to look for their ease along with the cleaning facility. That’s why in this article, I gathered some general factors to ponder upon before buying vacuums for the elderly. Moreover, the lightweight vacuum also comes in various varieties, shapes, and features. So, it is best to read guidelines to get a perfect match of their needs.

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