Car speakers Hi-Fi and Hi-End class

The sound quality of the standard audio system in the car does not suit all drivers. The first step towards improving the quality of sound in the car – buying speakers. After all, the replacement of standard acoustics gives the most noticeable improvement in the sound of the audio system. However, a wide variety of speakers can confuse any buyer. This article will help you choose the right acoustics that is suitable for your car and audio system in it.

Middle class car speakers


But it should be noted that for a solid middle-class speaker system, you will still need to buy a car audio power amplifier. Many shops where there is a large selection of automotive products mentioned. But the point is that the correct selection and installation of the amplifier – the procedure is quite time-consuming and “thin.”

With the choice of speakers, the question is even more complicated – in the average acoustic system there are much more of them than in the budget one.

For a mid-range speaker system, you will need to buy a crossover – an electronic or analog frequency filter, which controls the necessary frequency ranges to the speakers for high-quality and powerful sound.

The installation of an average car acoustics system first of all requires preliminary preparation of the car. This refers to the complete noise and vibration isolation of the car body. Usually, this is the first stage preceding the purchase and installation of any speaker system.

Therefore, we suggest first of all to buy noise insulation and vibration insulation, because all the iron surfaces of the cabin must be taped with this special material. Vibration isolation is required to eliminate extraneous overtones that occur with air vibrations created by a wave of sound. If you are interested in home speakers.

Very responsibly it is necessary to approach the reliability of the power wiring of the car. The system of the middle class has more components than the budget, so its installation in the car should be subject to certain rules. To a large extent, this concerns the accuracy of the “wiring” of wires.

Car speakers characteristics

car-speakers-subwoofersBefore you choose a good speakers in the car, it is important to get acquainted with their technical characteristics. Historically, for the uninitiated, the most famous parameter is the power in watts. Although in reality – measuring the quality of a sound system by this criterion is almost the same as expressing dimensions in kilograms. Watts indirectly affect the volume, but there is no direct connection.


The main thing that is worth evaluating the watts is the selection of the optimal acoustics for the capabilities of a specific amplifier radio. There are two standards for speaker power. The first of them, so loved by marketers, is PMPO (Peek Maximum Power Output). In fact, this parameter only indicates the current supply of which power the speakers are able to withstand for a very short time (second intervals). Popularly, the meaning of PMPO is often called “Chinese watts.”

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