Fat Burning Juices

Nowadays people’s life becomes very fast as nobody has time to pay heed to their health. In the race of making money people are becoming less health conscious. After spending day by day and being healthy unconscious they start looking unattractive and chubby.

Your most of the friends start making fun of you, starts cracking jokes on your personality. It makes your confidence low and you begin feeling unhappy. With the increasing fat in your body, you are inviting the number of disease for your body. There is the number of ways to reduce fat in your body. Weight loss could be a lengthy process if you are a 9 to 5 job person. No doubt extracting some minutes from your busy working hours is not an easy job.

But with the use of these fat burning drinks, you can burn your body fat within days. By using these drinks recipes you will start feeling a huge difference. Your body will become more active than today. These natural fat burning drinks are very less time consuming to make and drink.

The most important thing if you really want to lose your body weight then you should definitely make a strong commitment to yourself that you definitely going to do it. Without any strong commitment and willpower, no job or work can be done it this world. So with this huge dose of motivation let’s walk through the list of fat burning drinks.

Green Tea

Green tea is the best drink for fat burning. The natural ingredients of green tea making this herbal drink really effective. When you wake up in the morning drink green tea makes your body active and all the toxin will be flush out. Drinking three cups of green tea will produce huge positive results into your body. Drinking green tea after some time eat apple works lethal for the body fat.

Lukewarm water

We all know water is life and no life without water. But the main reason why body starts storing fat because due to less amount of water. First thing in the morning you should drink lukewarm water approx 2-3 glass. This helps to flush out toxins from the body. Drinking lukewarm water 40-45 mins after lunch and dinner will be really effective to burn stubborn fat.

Honey lemon water

juiHoney is the natural source which provides a plethora of benefits for health. This drink will definitely make your body fat burning machine. When you wake up and drink honey lemon water in morning, it helps to activate the body back into activeness and increase the metabolic rate.


Take one glass of hot water not hot like that just little hot.Put one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice into it.Steer the mixture well so that all the stuff can get a mix together and drink it.

Spinach smoothie

Boil some spinach and extract its juice with the use of Leafy Vegetables Juicer, drink it. This will make your body fat burning just within some days.


Banana smoothie

Banana is the simplest fruit to eat. This high protein smoothie drink will cut your fat and make your body in shape. Drinking this in your breakfast improves the protein level in the body. After drinking this you won’t need to eat any extra thing for 3-4 hours.


Take 2 banana and put them in blender’s jar.One tablespoon of low-fat yogurt, one tablespoon of flax seed, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Blend them well to get a perfect smoothie, pour into the glass and enjoy your high protein fat burning drink. You will get results on your belly.

Ginger Detox water

Ginger is the most powerful vegetable as it has so many benefits to the body. Using this detox drink at the night before bed will kill your belly fat.


Crush the ginger first. Take a pan and pour water into it, put it on the heat. After 5 mins put ginger into it and boil. Boil until its color will get thin yellow. Now turn off the heat let it cool for 3-4 minutes. Pour it into the glass and mix a tablespoon of lemon to it.

Enjoy the detox water drink to cut your belly fat down. By doing this for some weeks you will get huge positive results into your body.

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