How to Choose the Right Washing Machine For You

A washing machine is a great helper, but how do you find the right model? In our buyer’s guide, we will tell you what the difference is between a freestanding and embedded model, which type of load to choose – vertical or frontal, and which models save water and electricity.

What washing machine do you need?

There is a huge amount of washing machines on the market. There are compact washing machines, as well as tumble dryers and washers / dryers. What washing machine do you need?

Drying machines on average cost the same as a regular washing machine, and differ in the type of drying and loading volume. A certain compromise between a washing machine and a kit consisting of a washing and drying machine is a washing machine with a dryer. Such machines are somewhat larger and more expensive than conventional ones, however, they are smaller and cheaper than sets of washing and drying machines. In our review, we take a closer look at the most common types of machines – full-size, narrow, and top-loading machines.

What to look for first

Type and size of machine

The starting point is the place where the washing machine will be installed. It determines the type and size of the model that suits you.

Washing machines come in two types:

  • Front loading (manhole cover on the front).
  • Vertical loading (cover on top).

All elements inside narrow machines are packed tightly enough, it accelerates their wear, the service life is reduced.

Vertical loading is convenient if there is not enough space in the room where the equipment is to be installed to open the side hatch, or if the cover will interfere in the open form.

Loading volume

The second important parameter that influences the choice of the typewriter is the load volume you need. It is directly related to the number of people who will use the device.

There are approximate calculations, according to which:

  • For 1-2 people, a car with a load of 4 kg is enough.
  • For 3-5 people – 6 kg.
  • For more than 5 people – 8–9 kg.

If you have small children or you plan to have them, choose models with the maximum load. Wash have a lot.

Do not think that the maximum load is always the best solution.


washing machine

Modern models are equipped with basic modes (washing at different temperatures, rinsing, spinning). You also need to decide which of the additional functions you need, and which will only be a waste of money.

Leakage protection. This is insurance in case something is damaged in the liner or in the washing machine itself.

Special modes. They will help save money on dry cleaning. These include programs for washing children’s and sports clothing, shoes, pillows. There are also modes for removing stains or for quick washing.

Careful washing mode. It is characterized by the use of a larger volume of water, low temperature washing and reduced turns during the spin cycle. The mode is suitable for delicate fabrics and will be useful to owners of the clothes demanding special leaving.

Silent wash. The models in which this function is provided are equipped with an inverter motor or direct drive, so they are noisy less than normal.

Drying. Saves time and space, because after washing clothes do not need to hang, but very noticeably affects the cost of the machine.

Control type

Washing machine control can be:

  • Mechanical, when all washing parameters are set manually using buttons and rotary switches. Such management happens at old or inexpensive models with a basic set of functions.
  • Electronic, when the user selects the mode, and the machine automatically adjusts the washing parameters. It is common among models of the middle and highest price category.

On machines with mechanical control, the mechanism of moving parts is very simple, so they serve 50–60% longer than electronics. In addition, there are corny fewer parts, so the probability of damage is less.

Today there is a huge choice on the market – the customer of the washing machine is provided with many options for a variety of colors and shapes. These are cars with rounded or pointed corners, chrome-plated hatches, touch screens – so that the purchase fits into any interior. The more carefully the purchase is considered, the longer the washing machine will serve you. But do not forget that the correct operation of the washing machine – a pledge of its “longevity”.

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