Original Garden Decoration Ideas

Your garden can tell a lot about your home and about you, as the home owner. This is why you need to make it look good all the time, and some garden decorations ideas always come in handy.

The patio, for instance is very useful during the summer, and there are several different styles of patio you need to take into consideration:

French Style Patio

French Style Patio

Do you like the well-known French-style ranch houses, with lots of wooden garden furniture? If you do, you can easily decorate your patio in a French style – all you have to do is to purchase some cushions in bright colours or with floral prints (for aesthetic purposes only) and a vase of fresh, intensely scented flowers.

You can add an old wicker chair and a wooden bench, for increased comfort. This will certainly create the classic French style patio that many homeowners are craving for.

Mediterranean Style Patio

Mediterranean Style Patio

The Mediterranean style is commonly met in Spanish homes and villas located by the beach, and it generally has bright floor box patterns with strong Mediterranean influenced.

To contrast the floor, you can add dark coloured furniture (preferably either black or brown), and some red cloth cover on the wooden bench, if any.

The Scandinavian Style Patio

The Scandinavian Style Patio

If you want your patio to have a Scandinavian look with a touch of modern style, then you should consider making the floor of stone and adding some wooden furniture (the ideal colours for the furniture are gray and black).

A chaise lounge is perfect if you love to sun bathe, and several potted plants add extra style and liveliness to your patio!

English Garden Patio

English Garden Patio

The English style gardens are popular all over the world, and this traditional patio style is very commonly used in the cottage in the United Kingdom. Generally, this type of garden is designed to allow homeowners to relax and enjoy their 5 o’clock tea. You can add an iron garden table, several classic chairs and use a white cloth in various shiny colours.

When it comes to English gardens, “Romance” is the keyword! Make sure to create a romantic environment by adding lots of beautiful, brightly coloured flowers.

Hints on How to Decorate Your Garden

First and foremost, think if you need a patio or a deck. Then, you need to decide on the size of the patio and whether you want to use any special design details that will impact its final size. Do you want it to be entertaining, and maybe have a bar? These are only some of the details you need to consider.

Using solar lights is not only very eco-friendly, but very cost-effective in the long run as well – besides, lighting can add ambiance to your patio. However, install the lighting system according to your needs and desires – do you want to play games in the garden, or you just want to relax? If you want to create a casual and romantic atmosphere, then you should use dim lighting. Moreover, lines add extra interest to your patio!

Determine the budget before you even get started. If your finances are limited, then you will have to find the best design options for your patio that will not make you overspend. In some states, you may get grants and special loans for home redecorating.

The weather is another decisive factor, as it can interfere with the design of your patio. Think ahead and design it according to the weather in your area – moreover, it is highly recommended to add a sunscreen and if the angle of the sun is not in your favour.

Carefully paint and arrange the objects in your patio, from your pool to the outdoor fireplace and chairs – the colours and style must match! Write down every design idea and then decide on the one that best meets your needs.

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