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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Robot vacuum cleaners are on top of the market thanks to their excellent features that make the cleaning more relaxed and comfortable. The ability to set the vacuum in a way that it can do the cleaning without you monitoring its functionality all the times makes the robot vac a favorite to many. There are various models on the market to choose from.

Best Budget Robot Vacuum

Although this is a pro, it can also pose some challenges, especially to a new buyer since there are various things you need to look out for to ensure that you buy the perfect robot cleaner for your house. Therefore, to make your buying process comfortable and convenient for you, here is a guide to follow when shopping for the device,

The budget

What’s your budget? This is one of the most common questions that you will get from a dealer when buying these devices. For starters, you must have set aside the money that you wish to spend in purchasing the robot vacuum for your home use.

Besides, these devices are sold at different prices depending on the features, and brands as well. For instance, an iRobot Roomba 880 has a different price from the 980 model because of the available features and functionality.

Therefore, first of all, decide on how much money you want to spend to buy the machine. You can spend as low as 200 up to 1000 dollars in purchasing it and thus, all you need is to answer the simple questions, what’s your budget?

The type

There are different types of iRobot vacuums to choose from. You may have heard of some models being superior to others based on the cleaning power, the price, and even the features available. For example, the two most bought models are the iRobot Roomba 880 and 980 due to the magnificent power they possess in cleaning the house.

But, keep in mind that other models may interest you too. So, do background research regarding the available robot vacuum cleaners and choose the type that meets your cleaning needs and demands.

Your cleaning needs

Why do you need the robot vacuum cleaners? Do you need it for doing the minor cleaning around your sitting room, do you need a vacuum that will clean even under the chairs or a robot vacuum that can clean the entire house.

The whole purpose of acquiring a robot vacuum cleaner is to ensure that your home stays clean all through. So, before buying the robot cleaner, make sure that the model you select can fully provide your house cleaning needs. Therefore, if you need a vacuum cleaner that can move even on the edges of the house or under the furniture, ensure the model you select can comfortably attain this.

The available features

This is another sector to focus on when choosing the robot vacuum cleaner. The available features on the device determine its functionality and the activities it can comfortably perform. Therefore, ensure the available features will make your cleaning easy and as comfortable as possible.

You can get some help from the dealer by asking them a few questions such as; Does it schedule cleans? What cleaning tools does it have? Or how can I control it when I am not around the home. The dealer should answer all these and more questions before you buy the device.

The house size

Not all robot vacuum cleaners can thoroughly clean up a home as some have limited navigating power. So, if you have a large house that probably has various rooms, ensure the robot vacuum you buy will be able to navigate around all the places and clean them too. Check out the square meters that the machine can comfortably reach when cleaning, and compare it to the size of your house.

The sound level

Although the iRobot vacuum is a convenient appliance that every homeowner must consider buying, it is also crucial that you consider the convenience it will bring to your house. For example, some vacuum is manufactured to produce noises when they are functioning.

So, if you have a small child or pets, ensure the sounds coming from the machine will not scare them. Hence if the device you are about to buy produces some noises, ask or check out how loud it is.

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