Should High Sleepers be with Puffy Mattress?

Why Buy High Sleepers?

Cool, vibrant and fun, high sleepers will bring adventure and excitement to your kid’s bedroom, as your child can enjoy sleeping high up and also have a lot of extra space. High sleepers are the best solution for a small bedroom and with active children in mind, they are usually designed to cope with knocks and bumps.

High sleepers let you decide what to do with the extra floor space. Most people turn the space under the bed into a study area, adding a desk, chair and bookshelf. However, if your problem is storage space, you can always fit in a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. You can use your imagination to make any combination you want. You also have the option to leave this space free so your kids can use it as a play area.

Very Important!

Keep in mind that high sleepers with fuffy mattresses are not recommended for children under 6 years old. So if your child is younger than that, you may want to consider buying a lower bunk bed and read puffy mattress full review to know all details about them.

Wood or Metal?

The good news for all wood lovers is that you can find a huge variety of high sleeper beds made from wood. Wooden bed frames are very popular as they can match any interior décor. You can find them in all different styles, from painted and lacquered through to glossed and natural. Wooden beds are famous for their durability and can last many years. In fact, some of them look even nicer after a few years.

Always check the type of wood the high sleeper is made from before buying it. Oak is usually more expensive and is known for its durability and strength. It is a denser wood than pine wood, which is still sturdy but is classified as softwood.

Now, if you are on a tight budget, a metal bed would be the best option for you. When talking about beds, metal is always a popular choice, especially for kids’ beds. They tend to be cheaper; however, they are just as durable and as safe as wooden beds.

In fact, you will find many high-quality metal bed frames that are stain-resistant, and their colour won’t fade, so they are a perfect choice for your child’s bedroom. The other good thing about them is that they have quite a neutral look; so you can play with the décor of the room, add some colour to the walls and invest in some brightly coloured furniture, without worrying if the décor will match the bed frame.

I have selected below the three most popular types of high sleeper beds, with different arrangements underneath to give you some ideas. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration to help you decide which is best for your child’s bedroom.


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